Skyridge Notices and Updates

Good Morning, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s a busy week for Skyridge Knowledge Bowl. This is a quick overview of the events for this week and a few calendar adjustments for next week and beyond.

To begin, we have our first away meets this week on Monday (today) and Thursday. Our Alpha, Beta, and Gamma teams will travel to Frontier today after school. Students will collect our equipment then report to the bus loading area by about 3PM to begin loading (same process for every away meet). We hope to depart by about 3:10 at the latest, as soon as the PBL students have arrived and boarded. As you know, our meets typically end between 5-5:30, as long as schools arrive on time and there are no hitches in the meet (equipment issues, a slow room, etc.). There will be a return bus to Skyridge, but If you are picking your student up at Frontier, which is perfectly fine, please be sure to check out with me before taking off so I have an accurate count for the return trip. Please note that with travel time added in, we usually return to Skyridge by about 5:30-6:00.

Thursday, we travel to Liberty with the Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta teams. Since this is an “in District” meet, there will be no return bus to Skyridge. Parents will need to pick up their students at Liberty. As mentioned earlier, we typically end our meets between 5-5:30, depending on when on all schools show up and if things go smoothly in the meet, but please plan to pick up your student by 5:30 at the latest.

Finally, the Wednesday practice for next week has been canceled. That being the case, I’ve adjusted the final week and half of practices to keep the every other day grade level practices at the same number. Please cross reference this on the calendar:

That’s it! We’re off to a great start. The kids are having fun learning how to work on a team while celebrating their minds and academic accomplishments in the classroom. As their proud coach, I couldn’t ask for more.

Email with questions. Cheers!

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