Skyridge Final Week

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

Hard to believe it, but we are one short week away from wrapping up our season.  As per our normal tradition, we will be ending the season with a pizza party to celebrate the awesome work and fun of the season. The pizza party will be held on 03/22, from about 3:15-4:00 in room 206.  I’ll provide the pizza, but I’m asking willing parents to work together to take care of drinks, desserts, healthy options, cups, plates, cards/treats for helpers, etc.  If you’d like to help with this, please visit the following Google Drive document and you can add in your contribution:  This is a “live” document that saves automatically, so no need to worry about saving.

Also, here are some important reminders about next week’s schedule

  • Monday, 03/20, NO PRACTICE: I’ve got a conflict for the 6th and 7th grade practice that was originally scheduled for this day. Sorry.
  • Tuesday, 03/21, Meet @ Covington (Delta, Epsilon, Zeta teams)
  • Wednesday, 03/22, Pizza Party / End of season celebration
  • Thursday, 03/23, District Tournament @ Shahala (ALL teams): This meet will run longer than a typical meet. We hope to finish by about 6:00-6:30, but probably closer to 6:30.
    • Students will be early released from school after their 6th period on this day (about 1:55). They will grab their stuff and report to the bus lane for a 2PM loading. I will let their teachers know, but students are responsible for checking in with them to see about any missed work.
    • Students should bring their uniforms to wear at the tournament. I will collect them from students before they leave the tournament when they check out with me (if they’re not riding the bus back to Skyridge with me).



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