WHAT IS IT? Knowledge Bowl is kind of like a team Jeopardy competition. A school’s Knowledge Bowl team is made up of one or more smaller teams, each consisting of 4 – 6 team members (sometimes up to 8 in middle school). Our school’s teams compete against other teams from neighboring schools to see who can answer the most questions in math, science, history, English, social studies, etc. During each competition, teams compete in a 30 question multiple choice written round and two oral rounds of 30 questions each. The winning team is based on the total number of questions answered correctly in all three rounds.

WHEN IS IT? This year the season will run from early January through to almost the end of February. Students meet for practice directly after school in room 206 at Skyridge. Occasionally we might opt for Zoom practices, but I don’t anticipate that being necessary or desired this year. We believe that practices will happen Monday through Thursday and run from 3:55 to 4:30. Once the meets start, practices will be held less frequently and only on some of the days we’re not having competitions, but never on Fridays. In more recent years we’ve had to split the team into two different practice squads on an “every other day” practice schedule to accommodate the large number of kids who turn out, so be prepared for that if we have more than 30 participants. Please note, once again, that there are no practices or meets scheduled on any of the Fridays during the season.

HOW DO I GET INVOLVED IN THIS? Here are the requirements students must meet to be eligible:

  1. Students must fulfill all the requirements necessary to participate in athletics, except for the physical. See here for more info: Family ID Registration
  2. Since this is a school function, students are required to pay their activity fee ($35) prior to the first meet via the Intouch online payment system (parents, use your Skyward login credentials to login to this payment portal)
  3. Students OR parents must also fill out Mr. Greene’s internal registration to ensure you receive updates about happenings for Skyridge Knowledge Bowl: Mr. Greene’s Knowledge Bowl Registration
    Participating students must be either 6th, 7th, or 8th grade students at either Skyridge or Odyssey.
  4. Students must attend practices unless they have a prearranged excuse. Please notify Mr. Greene in advance of an absence if at all possible.
  5. Students must commit to making it to the practices on a regular basis and, most importantly, to attending each meet they are assigned. The team is counting on your consistent participation.

To receive important updates about happenings for Skyridge Knowledge Bowl, please visit the following sign up links:





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