CHS Knowledge Bowl 2014-15

Just got finished giving the yearbook a name key for this photo that will appear in it later this year.  Again, nice work on your team in what proved to be a historic season (all teams qualifying for Regionals)!


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Awards Night Agenda

Overview of Evening – Get dessert first at about 5:30, then Awards starting at about 6:00.

  1. Official Welcome (about 6:00)
  2. About Knowledge Bowl at CHS:
    1. How many members and teams? 58 members made up 5 Varsity and 5 JV teams.
    2. Our league – Columbia Gorge – 6 Schools including Camas, Stevenson, Columbia Adventist Academy, White Salmon, Seton, Union. 15 Varsity and 15 JV teams.
    3. What are the meets like? Written Round, Oral Rounds, Round Robin Format.
    4. Our Region – SW WA, ESD 112. 26 Schools with 42 Varsity and 42 JV teams total.
    5. Knowledge Bowl Statewide – All 9 ESD Regions participate, with 200+ schools involved this year.
  3. Season Summary – How did our teams do this year? (Results, certificates, plaques)
    1. Varsity League – We finished 2nd, 3rd , 4th, 6th, and 7th out of 15 teams in our league.
    2. JV League – We finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th out of the 15 JV teams in our league, out of 42 in region.
    3. 5 JV teams qualified for the JV Regional Tournament: They placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th.
    4. 5 Varsity teams competed at the 4A Regional Tournament, placing 3rd, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th out of 12.
    5. One Varsity team qualified for state and they took 6th Place in the 4A State tournament, pretty awesome!
  4. Awards – Participants will be called up by team, photo opps.
    1. JV Team Participant Awards & Letters (for Reg. Tourney Participants) – Camas #1 JV, then #2 JV, and so forth.
    2. Varsity Team Participant Awards and Letters – Camas #1, #2, #3, #4, then #5.
  5. Conclusion, and looking ahead – Many thanks to the kids for a fine and fun year. Thanks especially to the graduating seniors.  We will miss you!  And thank you so much to the parents for supporting our program.

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Knowledge Bowl Dessert/Awards Banquet


Just a quick reminder about tomorrow’s knowledge bowl dessert/awards banquet in the CHS North Commons. We’ll start having snacks, desserts, and refreshment about 5:30. Awards will start at 6:00. I plan to be pretty brief and hopefully have us out of there between 6:30-6:45 at the latest. FYI, we’ll be handing out over 20 academic letters tomorrow night, as well as over 30 service bars!

If you haven’t signed up yet to bring a sleeve of cookies or some other favorite treat, it’s not too late. A little bit goes a long way if you can help contribute. Sign up here: “Dessert” Sign Up  Or you can just bring something.

Looking forward to celebrating the season with you tomorrow.


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CHS Varsity 3 Earns 6th in State!

Camas High School Varsity 3 traveled to Arlington, WA (just north of Seattle) over the weekend to compete in the 33rd annual State Knowledge Bowl Tournament.  Going up against tough competition, we did well enough to make it into the semi-finals in the afternoon, giving us a shot at earning some hardware and a “place” at State. We were just edged out of a chance to compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd by our nemesis Olympia High School.  But we did manage to end up with 6th place at the 4A level.  Congratulations to Varsity 3:  Jason Kim, Lizzy Nickerson, Yun Teng, Jonathan Ho, Colton Ratcliff, and Levi Holscher.

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Skyridge Meets #3 and 4 Results

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!  A fun and exciting week of knowledge bowl at our meet at Frontier on Tuesday and at home on Thursday.  Here’s how it went.

Meet #3 at Frontier put us up against the host and Pacific.  If you recall, we managed to pull off a comeback against Pacific at our first meet last week. So I guess Tuesday was “payback” for Pacific.  They edged Skyridge 177 to 170 in a close, competitive match.  Frontier rounded out the scores with a 97.  The standout team for Skyridge that day was Skyridge 2 (our Skyridge Zeta team), made up of Devin, Lucas, Jacob, Rahul, Donna, Tsering, and Xiansheng.  Their team work paid off with a solid written round score of 33, and two respectable oral round performance.  They took 2nd place out of the 9 teams at the meet.

We closed the week at home against Frontier and Shahala. Very competitive meet with good match ups in all the rooms and rounds.  In the end, though, Skyridge edged the competition, taking the meet on total points with 171, to Shahala’s 158, to Frontier’s 96. The race for the first place individual team was incredibly tight.  Shahala 2 took top honors with a total score of 63, but Skyridge 2 (our Skyridge Gamma team) was hot on their tails with a score of 62. Skyridge 3 took 3rd overall, just a few points out of 1st and 2nd with a total of 60.  Very close!  Our 2nd place Skyridge 2/Gamma team is made up of Megana, Alex, Annah, Annica, Bryson, Maia, and Shivank.

Good work this week, Skyridge.  We’re off to Liberty next week on Tuesday (Beta, Gamma, and Epsilon). We finish the week at Covington (Alpha, Zeta, and Eta).  Please note that for the Liberty meet on Tuesday there will be no return bus to Skyridge per district policy.  Plan on picking up your student that day (Thursday) at Liberty Middle School.  

Finally, as mentioned this week in practice, there will be no practice next week on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015.  I’ll be with the CHS Knowledge Bowl state tournament team helping them take on the CHS staff in an oral round of questions to get the team ready for the state tourney the weekend of the 13th.


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Skyridge Meet #1 & 2 Results

We started the week off at Pacific, finished it up at Skyridge. Here’s a quick recap.

Things looked a little dark at the midway point in our first meet at Pacific after a rough first oral round that left us trailing by two points.  But the kids did us proud in the second half, making some nice adjustments, showing some grit in the second oral round, and coming out on top in the end.  Skyridge won the overall meet on points, 194 to 169 for Pacific, but top honors go to Skyridge 2 (our Skyridge Delta team), who took first place at the meet with a total of 73 points.  Sky Delta is made up of 6th graders Ali and Brett, 7th graders Thomas and Claire, and 8th graders Addison and Jason.

On Thursday we took on Liberty and Frontier for our first home meet of the season.  Spirited competition and performances in the written round set up a showdown in the oral matches with the always tough Lions of Liberty and the Silverbacks of Frontier.  In the end, Liberty proved to be too much, besting Skyridge with a total score of 189 to our 157 (Frontier with 101), but Skyridge was able to place one of its teams in the top three.  Skyridge 2 (our Skyridge Alpha team), made up of 6th graders Tate, Mark, Andrew, and Anna, 7th grader Chase, and 8th graders Devank and Maia earned a total of 62 points, only 6 away from 2nd, 10 away from 1st.  Not too shabby.

I’m proud of all of the teams who competed this week for having fun, working as a team, and representing Skyridge and Camas with pride and style.  Way to go, Sky Kbowl.

Looking ahead, we have meets next week on Tuesday at Frontier (Delta, Eta, and Zeta) and Thursday at home (Alpha, Gamma, and Epsilon).

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SW Washington Regional Meet Results

For the first time in program history, we qualified all of our teams to attend this event.  From that motley assortment we managed to once again qualify a varsity team to send off to the state competition AND bring home some additional hardware for the JV team. Sweet!

Varsity 3, anchored by seniors Yun Teng, Jonathan Ho, Lizzy Nickerson, Levi Holscher, with vital support from junior Colton Ratcliff and sophomore Jason Kim, earned the right to compete at state by ranking in the top three at regionals. State is scheduled for March 13-14th, in Arlington, WA.  We also took home, for the first time ever, two trophies for our JV squad, placing second (JV 4) and third (JV3) overall in the competition.  I’ve added in below a gallery of some of the shots from yesterday’s action.

Great season, Camas Knowledge Bowl.  I’m very proud of all of you and the hard work you put into attending practice, learning how to work more effectively with a team, and on the sportsmanship you displayed and honed this season.  No matter the outcome for you and your team yesterday, I hope you can take some solace in being a part of the well-oiled machine that is Camas Knowledge Bowl.

On to state next month. Thanks for your support this year!


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SW Washington Regional Tournament

This coming Monday, February 23rd, Camas High School Knowledge Bowl will travel with its entire team to the Southwest Washington Varsity/JV Regional Tournament. Students will be released from class at 9:15 A.M. They should gather their stuff and report immediately to the flagpole bus loading area.  We will then travel to Longview and compete in the tournament held at Longview CC and Mark Morris High School. This is an all day event for us.

After competition, we will have dinner en route to home (TBD), then return to CHS between 7 and 8:00 PM. Students should plan on either bringing their own lunch, dinner food, and snacks AND/OR money for those meals. For a more detailed listing of the day’s events, please see below.

For JV, this tournament will conclude the regular and post season, as well as practice.  If Varsity qualifies one or more teams, we will focus on having Varsity only practices for the next few weeks leading up to the 03/14/15 State Tournament.

As usual, if you can’t make it to this tournament for any reason, please let me and your team know immediately.

Nice season, CHS Knowledge Bowl.  Let’s finish strong!


  • 9:15 – Released from class at CHS; report to flag pole for bus loading.
  • 9:30 – Depart for Longview
  • 10:30 – Arrive, deliver equipment and meet materials, early lunch (sack lunch or grocery store or fast food)
  • 11:30 – Pick up packets – Location To Be Determined.
  • 12:00 – Opening and Welcome Assembly (All Varsity and JV teams) – Location TBD.
  • 12:30 – Written Round Begins – Location TBD (Varsity), and Mark Morris classrooms (JV).
  • 1:25 – Oral Round #1 – Assigned Rooms.
  • 2:20 – Oral Round #2 – Assigned Rooms.
  • 3:15 – “Championship” Oral Round – Assigned Rooms.
  • 4:30 – Final Results, Awards (All Teams) – LCC Student Center.

Competition Locations – The Varsity competitions will take place on the campus of LCC, while the JV competition will take place next door to LCC at Mark Morris High School.

Substitutions – Substitutions in both the varsity and JV meets will be allowed only once during an oral round, after question #25, since each oral round will consist of 50 questions.

“Championship” Round – The 3rd Oral Round will be conducted as a Championship Round. Scores obtained previously during the day will be used to determine how teams are grouped for this round. Only the scores obtained during the 3rd Oral Round will determine final team places. All ties will be broken as needed.

Breaking Ties – Ties between rounds will be broken by comparing previous scores. For example, if a tie exists after Oral #1, the written round score will be used, while if a tie exists after Oral #2, the scores after Oral #1 will be used, and so on. If these are also tied, a coin toss will be used. The only exceptions are when state qualifying places are involved at the end of Oral Round #2 or the Championship Round (Oral Round #3). In such a case, a 10-question playoff will be held for the two teams involved (or 15 questions for three teams). If still tied, questions will be read in sets of 5 until the tie is broken.

Qualifying for State – Remember, the top three 4A, the top two 3A, the top two 2A, the top three 1A, and the top two 2B/1B team will all qualify for the state meet.

State Meet T-Shirts – Please note that on the state website you will find information about ordering this year’s commemorative State Meet T-Shirt.  This is our fundraiser for the year, so please consider buying a shirt, whether you’re going to state or not.

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Skyridge Knowledge Bowl Meet Schedule

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re a mere week away from the start of the regular season.  We travel to Pacific Middle School next Tuesday, 02/24.  Students will ride the bus from Skyridge to Pacific, departing around 3:00 PM. They’re welcome to ride the bus home, arriving back at Skyridge usually about 5:30-5:45, but you’re also welcome to pick up your player at Pacific if that suits you better.  Parents are always welcome at the meets.  The written round isn’t very good for spectators, but the oral rounds that usually start about 3:45 are pretty fun to watch.

As mentioned in a previous communication, due to our excellent participation in this program, we can only offer three regular season meets and the district tournament for each student this year.  We are somewhat unusual in this respect.  Whereas each school at each meet brings three teams of 6-8 players and very often has trouble filling those slots, we’ve got 7 teams with about 7 on each squad, with absolutely no problem filling our teams.  You can see our “dilemma”.  I’ve done my best to balance the teams by skill and grade level to give each team a chance for success and mentorship from the older students.  The bottom line for me, though, is that I want students to have fun using their minds and in learning how to work with a team toward a common goal.

Here’s the schedule that shows the students’ teams, as well as the meets they’ll be competing in this year.  Please note that we use Greek alphabet letters (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.) for our internal team names, but that in competition we are always named as either Skyridge 1, 2, or 3.  If you’re trying to find which room your student is in at competition, you’ll need to know all of this.  I can help with this if you’re unsure.  In summary, this attachment should help you and the students figure out when you’re competing, where you’re competing, and what your team designation (Skyridge 1, 2, or 3) will be for that meet.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Please note, as previously communicated, that there will be no practice on Monday, February 23rd.  I’ll be with the very successful Camas High School knowledge bowl program that day helping them compete in our regional tournament for a chance at qualifying teams to attend the state competition in March.

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Skyridge Wednesday Practice Canceled

As discussed in practice today at Skyridge, there will be no practice on Wednesday, 02/11/15, due to a conflict in Mr. Greene’s schedule.  Our next practice will be on Thursday, 02/12/15.  Students can “practice” by reviewing their individual results on the written round practice we did on Monday.  In our analysis of questions that 50% or more missed, it seems that geography, current events, and English grammar were the holistic weak spots.

By the way, as mentioned in practice, don’t worry too much about your individual scores.  Much of the knowledge you lack will come naturally through your course of study and with time.  And don’t worry about what your neighbor got, either. It’ll all work out.  Knowledge Bowl is about learning how to have fun on a team, celebrating your mind, and looking for how to grow in all those areas.  None of us has all the answers!

If you’re looking for more written round practice, check out the following set of practice questions and consider working your way through these, over time, as a sort of open book/internet study session:  Written Practice Questions

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