RR#3 Results 1/9/19

Camas Knowledge Bowl journeyed to Columbia Adventist Academy last night, 1/09/19, to compete in our 3rd competition of the year.  As per past performances this season, the kids did very well.

Here’s a recap of the night’s competition:

  • Varsity – 1st , 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th out of 15.
    • Camas Varsity #1 had an impressive night that earned them first place overall.  They pulled off their first 100 point performance of the year, which is quite a feat.  Interestingly, Camas Varsity #3 also scored 100 total points, but they were awarded second place by virtue of the tie breaker, which is the team’s score on the multiple choice written round.  Camas Varsity #1 had a written round score of 48 to Varsity #3’s score of 43.  By the way, I’m pretty sure that this is the only time since I’ve been coach of Camas (2014) that we’ve had two teams earn at least 100 points in the same meet. Bravo!
    • How impressive are Camas Varsity #1 and #3? The average total points for the five other 4A varsity teams in our region through the first three meets is 180;  Camas #1 and #3 have averaged 290 total  points through the first three meets.  Aside from Union, nobody else in 4A is even remotely close to these teams.
    • Congrats, Camas Varsity #1!  This team is made up of Monica C., Abbi J., Rahul R., Maia K., Christopher X., and Jason L. And Congrats also  to Camas Varsity #3, who took 2nd place by the slimmest of possible margins. They are Michael B., Edward B., Jordan C., Jacob L., Junha L., and Steven S.
    • If you’d like to see how this shakes out in the region, have a look here: Varsity SW Washington Regional Standings
  • JV – 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th out of 18.
    • Camas JV#1 continued its string of victories, racking up another first place at this meet and further securing their already firm hold on 1st place in the league and region.  This team of sophomores is made up of Owen B., James H., Lucas M., Julian M., Mark R., and Sonnet S.  Congrats, JV#1
    • And here are the regional standings for JV,  JV SW Washington Regional Standings. The top nine JV teams in the regions will get invites to the JV Regional Tourney at the end of the season, but only three teams per school are allowed to attend (as of this season …).

Well done, Camas Knowledge Bowl.  I’ve pasted the complete meet scores in below for your reference if you wanted to see the specifics.  I’m very proud of you all, and not just for your stellar performances, but for the way you carry yourselves as ambassadors of our program, school, and community.  Bravo!


Coach Greene

P.S. Our next meet is on 2/6/19 at Union High School.  You will miss about half of 5th period and all of 6th period that day.  Details forthcoming.

School Written Room Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Camas #1 48 102 26 101 26 100 1
Camas #3 43 SCI 28 102 29 100 2
Union #1 47 105 21 104 29 97 3
Camas #4 39 104 27 SCI 22 88 4
Camas #5 47 101 19 105 19 85 5
Camas #2 38 105 19 MUS 20 77 6
White Salmon #1 37 101 13 105 18 68 7
White Salmon #3 34 SCI 15 SCI 14 63 8
Columbia Adv. 29 MUS 24 101 10 63 9
Washougal #2 38 105 13 102 11 62 10
Washougal #1 36 102 10 MUS 13 59 11
PCIA 36 101 15 104 7 58 12
White Salmon #2 35 MUS 10 101 5 50 13
Union #2 34 SCI 3 SCI 7 44 14
Stevenson #1 31 102 4 MUS 9 44 15
Stevenson #2 33 MUS 6 104 4 43 16
Union #3 29 104 11 102 2 42 17
White Salmon #4 35 104 2 105 4 41 18
School Written Room Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Camas #1 40 GYM 28 103 24 92 1
Camas #4 36 KB 22 106 16 74 2
Union #1 29 106 18 106 19 66 3
Camas #5 36 103 17 GYM 12 65 4
Columbia Adv. #1 34 ART 12 KB 19 65 5
Camas #2 36 106 15 KB 12 63 6
Camas #3 29 ART 18 GYM 16 63 7
Washougal #1 31 103 16 103 7 54 8
Columbia Adv. #2 31 KB 7 103 5 43 9
White Salmon #1 22 GYM 11 106 9 42 10
White Salmon #3 27 ART 2 ART 12 41 11
White Salmon #2 30 106 2 GYM 4 36 12
Union #2 24 KB 7 KB 3 34 13
White Salmon #4 26 GYM 0 ART 6 32 14
PCIA #1 20 103 1 ART 6 27 15

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RR#3 Pre-Meet Info for 1/9/19

On Wednesday of this week, 1/9/19, we will travel to Columbia Adventist Academy to compete in our third round robin tournament of the season.  Here’s the scoop:

  • After 4th period or B lunch, collect your stuff and head to flag pole bus loading area.  We plan to leave by 1:20 PM.  You snooze, you lose.
  • We should arrive at CAA by about 1:50. The meet will start shortly thereafter.
  • If all goes well, we should wrap up by 5:30-5:45. Our hope is to be back to CHS by about 6:30.  As you know, though, if one room is slow and/or there are problems with technology, our return could be delayed.
  • If for some reason you can’t make the meet, be sure to email me and notify your team immediately!

Here’s the full schedule:

2:00-2:15 . . Arrive and gather in the cafeteria.
2:20 . . . . . . Welcome and Final Instructions (cafeteria).
2:30 . . . . . . Written Round (cafeteria).
3:15 . . . . . . Oral Round #1 (see below for locations).
            * Between the Oral Rounds – Return to the cafeteria for Snacks. *
4:30 . . . . . . Oral Round #2 (locations to be announced – will be posted in the cafeteria).
5:30 . . . . . . Please return to the cafeteria for Final Results.


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Round Robin #2 Meet Results 12/05/18

Camas Knowledge Bowl had a great showing this past Wednesday here at Camas High School, knowledge bowling its way to top ten finishes against others from the League in our 2nd Round Robin tournament of the year. There were over 150 students and 7 schools involved in this, not to mention the 30+ adults who volunteered their time/resources to make this possible (see below for a full listing of them …).

Here’s how it played out:

  • Varsity – 2nd,  3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, out of 18.
    • Camas Varsity #3  had an impressive night that earned them second place overall with 95 points total, but they were closely trailed by Camas #1 (93 points) and Camas #3 (91 points).
    • Congrats, Camas Varsity #3!  This team is made up of Michael B, Edward B., Jordan C., Junha L., Jacob L., and Steven S.
    • If you’d like to see how this shakes out in the region, have a look here: Varsity SW Washington Regional Standings
  • JV – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and two teams tied for 5th out of 15.
    • For JV, the first place winners were  JV#1: Owen B., James H., Lucas M., Julian M., Mark R., and Sonnet S.
    • And here are the regional standings for JV,  JV SW Washington Regional Standings. The top 9 JV teams in the regions will get invites to the JV Regional Tourney at the end of the season.

Congratulations, Camas Knowledge Bowl.  I’ve pasted the complete meet scores in below for your reference if you wanted to see the specifics.  I’m very proud of all them.

Thanks for your continued support,

Coach Greene

P.S.  A special thanks to the Camas community and staff at CHS who helped make this meet possible by reading, timing, allowing us to use their rooms, etc.  These sorts of activities simply aren’t possible without that support, so a special thanks to them for giving back to the community and helping to provide students with a quality, competitive, team-based activity.  The volunteers are, in no particular order … Terri Dickinson, Johnna Christensen, Liza Sejkora, Dale Croswell, Marilyn Boerke, Alex Neal, Tom and Barb Crozier, Erik Wiitanen, Kevin Leetham, Mary Brown Taylor, Allen Jones, Effie Triol, Linda Beale, Hyun Robinson, Shou Chiu, Bruce Anderson, Bob Harper, Michael Newton, Wade Owens, Geoff Thompson, Omar Sankari, Meredith Studdard, Sarah Warta, Phil Wendell, Tracy Dangerfield, Beth Filion, CHS Custodial, Heather Siewert, Joe Farland, Bridget Ellis, Jeanne Jarvis, Barb Loewen, Greg MacGowan, Julie Cook, Cory Marshall, Ryan Josephson, and Dawn Gilbertson.

School Written Room Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Union #1 49 712 31 705 27 107 1
Camas #3 45 706 21 711 29 95 2
Camas #1 41 705 29 709 23 93 3
Camas #2 44 710 24 710 23 91 4
Camas #4 42 711 30 706 15 87 5
Camas #5 41 709 18 712 14 73 6
White Salmon #1 42 705 8 706 18 68 7
White Salmon #2 39 710 6 712 19 64 8
Washougal #1 37 706 12 710 15 64 9
Stevenson #1 35 709 18 705 10 63 10
Columbia Adv. 38 712 11 709 10 59 11
PCIA 36 706 11 711 7 54 12
Union #2 37 705 7 705 5 49 13
Stevenson #2 33 711 6 706 7 46 14
White Salmon #3 31 709 5 711 8 44 15
White Salmon #4 35 712 3 709 4 42 16
Union #3 32 710 5 710 4 41 17
Washougal #2 29 711 3 712 4 36 18


School Written Room Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Camas #1 39 702 17 707 24 80 1
Camas #3 39 704 25 702 13 77 2
Camas #4 34 707 24 703 15 73 3
Union #1 34 702 17 702 17 68 4
Camas #2 36 703 13 703 14 63 5
Camas #5 36 708 21 704 6 63 5
Columbia Adv. #1 32 703 13 704 14 59 7
White Salmon #2 23 704 5 708 12 40 8
White Salmon #3 30 707 4 707 5 39 9
White Salmon #1 28 703 6 702 5 39 10
Washougal #1 25 702 4 703 7 36 11
Union #2 23 708 6 707 6 35 12
Columbia Adv. #2 24 704 5 704 3 32 13
Stevenson #1 20 708 1 708 2 23 14
PCIA #1 15 707 5 708 1 21 15

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Round Robin Meet #1 Info

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

Our 1st meet of the season is scheduled for this next Wednesday, 11/07/18, at White Salmon Columbia High School.  Here are the details:

  • Students will be released at 12:10, somewhere near the middle or just after the beginning of your 4th period class.
    • Your teachers have been notified, but please make individual arrangements with your 4th through 6th period teachers for work missed that Wednesday.
  • Upon release, report immediately to the flag pole bus loading area in front of CHS. We will depart by 12:15.
    • Bring homework and anything you’d like to work on with you on this trip.
    • A Lunch crew, please swing by 710 after release to help collect equipment for trip, etc.
  • We should arrive at White Salmon by about 2:00 PM. If the meet goes well, we plan to be wrapping up the meet  by about 5:30-6:00 PM.
  • We will have dinner en route home. At this point, it looks like we’ll be stopping at Pietro’s Pizza in Hood River. Students will need to bring money for dinner and/or a dinner of their own.
    • Think about a group of people you could go share an order with.  Ordering in groups will save us a lot of time. I’ll have groups start calling in orders after you complete your 2nd oral round and we’re waiting for the final scores to be tallied:  541-386-1606
  • If all goes as planned, we should be arriving back at CHS between 8:30-9:00 PM.
    • Please have a ride ready by calling/texting ahead as our return time gets more and more clear.
  • Don’t forget that the day after the meet is a late start day, so you’ll get to sleep in.  Yahoo!

If for some reason you’re unable to make it to the meet and you haven’t yet informed me and your team, you need to let us know immediately.  Please email if you have questions.


Mr. Greene.

P.S. And a quick reminder that guest coach and knowledge bowl coach/CHS retired teacher extraordinaire Dale Croswell will be the one chaperoning you to this meet. Mr. Bohac and I will both be out of town.

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Team Selection and Pizza Practice!

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s time for us to form teams and get ready for competition. Here’s some info for that process.

We always want to do well in Knowledge Bowl, but we also want to have fun. Part of having fun and doing well is being with people that share your interests and desires. To that end, I’m asking for your input about the people that you’d like to work with this year.

Whenever possible, I’ll try to honor your wishes and desires as I work to put together the magnificent puzzle that will be our 5 Varsity and 5 JV teams. Inevitably, though, there will be some issues to work through with this, so please help me help you and let me know if you have concerns or comments. Thanks in advance for your patience with this process.

Couple of reminders about the team selection process:

  • If you have a prepackaged team where 6 of you have agreed to form a team, please just have one person (maybe the captain or designated form filler outer?) submit the form so that there’s less stuff to sift through on my end.
  • Teams can and will cut across lunches and grade levels.
  • We are limited to 6 on a team and likely will need to have 6 on each team due to our awesome turn out.
  • If you’re not sure who to choose or you don’t really care, maybe just select one or two or three others that you’d be comfortable working with potentially. I’ll do my best, but the more legwork you do on your end, the better the results usually are for you.
  • You must logon to team form with your CSD#117 Google logon to begin the process of selecting your teams.

Use this link to give your input for the teams this year: https://goo.gl/VvxRyc

Please complete this by 10/24/18 (Wed.) to have your input considered.

The first draft of teams will be revealed at our annual Pizza Party Practice on 10/29/18, from 6-8 PM in room 710-711. Besides the team reveal, we will also, of course, eat some pizza and do a couple of quick practice written rounds. Please plan on being there so we can take care of our teams and get the practice needed for our first meet.

Questions? Email me or come see me in 710 during practice.

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Let’s get ready to rumble: K-Bowl 2018-19 Info!

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s that time of the year to fire up Knowledge Bowl practice and get ready for our first meet, which, believe it or not, is only about 10 weeks away (11/07). In preparation for the year, we will hold our first informational meetings and practices starting the week of 10/01/18.

There are a couple of changes to note around k-bowl and our practices this year.

First, I’d like to welcome Mr. Alan Bohac as the new assistant coach for Knowledge Bowl. He is taking over for Mrs. Newman who left the CSD last spring for other opportunities. He’s helped provide a space and supervision for practices in the past, so many of you know him already. Welcome, Mr. Bohac!

Second, just like in year’s past, practices will be held four days a week this year, but instead of no practice on Thursdays, we will now have Wednesday as our no practice day. In short, practices will happen Monday through Tuesday, and Thursday through Friday.  Once again we will be splitting practices this year with A lunch practice happening in 710 with Mr. Greene. B lunch practice will be run by Mr. Bohac in room 507. Please show up during your regularly scheduled lunch time starting the week of 10/01/18 to reconnect with your k-bowl compadres, get some info/paperwork for this year’s season, and to do a little practice. Remember, no practice on Wednesdays this year, but the rest of the days you’re welcome to come and hang for your lunch period in 710 or 507.

The next big reminder is that we have to limit the number of Knowledge Bowl participants, if necessary, to 60 total.  When we’ve had 60+ participants in the past, which is great in terms of turnout, it’s made it tough for us to compete since the League limits the number of teams we can have and the size of teams is limited to six participants. It has also lead to uneven participation for the JV squads whereby some teams have had to sit out from meets, which is no fun for those teams.  On top of that, we can’t get more than about 60 on a bus for our away meets, so it’s really kind of a necessity.  So … the first 60 to have all of their registrations and related paperwork completed and fees paid will be the ones participating this year.  

Speaking of which, your successful registration and enrollment in Knowledge Bowl this year consists of the following:

  1. Online registration
  2. $40 “pay to play” fee paid to the CHS ASB office by check or cash. This helps cover transportation, food, awards, League fees, etc. You also have the option of paying for this online with a credit card (3.5% service fee):  https://wa-camas.intouchreceipting.com/
  3. The enrollment paperwork and permissions form to be completed and handed in to Bohac or Greene. Hard copies of this available at practice, but feel free to download from here if you’d rather.
  4. Signing up for Remind info to receive vital info about k-bowl via text, email, and/or app: https://www.remind.com/join/4428864  We cleared this class of all participants, so you’ll need to sign up again, even if you were signed up last year.

Looking forward to a great, fun year hanging out with you all and bowling for knowledge. As always, email with questions and/or stop by and see me in 710. We’ll see you on 10/01 … Cheers!


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2018 Awards Banquet Recap

What a year, Knowledge Bowlers! Thanks for taking the time to come to the annual dessert/awards banquet Wednesday,  3/28, to celebrate our growth and success. We handed out 18 academic letters, 40 service bars that denote each year of involvement in knowledge bowl past the first, and 18 “lamp of knowledge” pins for those just beginning their CHS Knowledge Bowl careers.  Wow!

Here’s a quick recap of the season:

  • How many members and teams? 58 members made up 5 Varsity and 5 JV teams.
  • Our league – Columbia Gorge – including Camas, Stevenson, Columbia Adventist Academy, White Salmon, Union, and Washougal. 15 Varsity and 15 JV teams.
  • What are the meets like? Written Round, Oral Rounds, Round Robin Format.
  • Our Region – SW WA, ESD 112. 27 Schools with 42 Varsity and 39 JV teams total.
  • Knowledge Bowl Statewide – All 9 ESD Regions participate, with 200+ schools involved this year.
  • Varsity League – We finished 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th out of 15 4A teams in our league.
  • JV League – We finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd , 4th, 5th, , out of the 15 JV teams in our league, out of 39 in region.
  • 5 out of 5 JV teams qualified for the JV Regional Tournament: They placed 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th out of 9.
  • 5 Varsity teams competed at the 4A Regional Tournament, placing 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 8th out of 9.
  • One Varsity team qualified for state and they took 7th Place in the 4A State tournament, pretty awesome!

Many thanks to the kids for a fine and fun year. Thanks especially to the graduating seniors. We will miss you! And thank you so much to the parents and guardians for supporting our program.

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2017-18 CHS K-Bowl Yearbook Photo!

Here we are (all of us who could make it to the picture date), in all of our glory. Congrats on a great season, CHS!

2017-18 Camas High School Knowledge Bowl, Head Coach Sam Greene, Assistant Coach Kim Newman

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2018 State Tournament Results

Camas Varsity #1 headed off to State this past weekend for the 9th consecutive year. After the morning prelims, Camas had the #1 State high score across all divisions and classifications! In the afternoon semi-final round, though, Camas came up just a little short, taking third place in their semi-final room, which qualified them to play for 7th, 8th, or 9th place. Camas did not disappoint in the afternoon’s final round, easily winning the room and a State finish of 7th place. Congrats! Camas Varsity #1 is made up of Jesse Lester, Noah Thompson, Abby Jiang, Monica Chang, Daniel Fan, and Rahul Ram.

On a personal note, I’d like to say how very proud I am of this team and the hard work and sportsmanship they displayed all season long to become one of the most prolific teams Camas has ever fielded. Bravo! And we extend the very best of wishes to our seniors on this team (Lester, Thompson, and Fan) as they conclude their storied Camas knowledge bowl careers spanning the last seven years, all the way from middle through high school. It has been my privilege to watch them grow and mature into the fine young adults they are. Roll, ‘Makers!

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GSHL Middle School Tournament Recap

So another season comes to an end.  Skyridge did well last night in the varsity tournament, but Varsity 1, made up of Jackson Chase, Jeremy Mohn, Sunny Wang, and Ashton Doane, came up just a little shy in the end, losing out to a very strong Cascade team by only 3 points.

In the “International”/JV tournament, we had four Skyridge kids who competed on the mixed school teams that made it to the final round, with Yehyun Kim’s team winning the trophy!  Congrats!

Thank you for a great season, Skyridge.  I hope you can take some pride in being a part of the well-oiled machine that is Skyridge knowledge bowl.  We’ll see you next year, hopefully, either at Skyridge or CHS knowledge bowl.

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