Skyridge Wednesday Practice Canceled

As discussed in practice today at Skyridge, there will be no practice on Wednesday, 02/11/15, due to a conflict in Mr. Greene’s schedule.  Our next practice will be on Thursday, 02/12/15.  Students can “practice” by reviewing their individual results on the written round practice we did on Monday.  In our analysis of questions that 50% or more missed, it seems that geography, current events, and English grammar were the holistic weak spots.

By the way, as mentioned in practice, don’t worry too much about your individual scores.  Much of the knowledge you lack will come naturally through your course of study and with time.  And don’t worry about what your neighbor got, either. It’ll all work out.  Knowledge Bowl is about learning how to have fun on a team, celebrating your mind, and looking for how to grow in all those areas.  None of us has all the answers!

If you’re looking for more written round practice, check out the following set of practice questions and consider working your way through these, over time, as a sort of open book/internet study session:  Written Practice Questions

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