RR#2 Meet Information

Dear Knowledge Bowlers,

This is a quick update on the plan for this Wednesday’s Knowledge Bowl meet, including information about possible weather related scenarios in our League. By the way, if you know that you won’t be able to attend this meet, for whatever reason, please email me and let me know, as well as your team, please.

Evergreen Public Schools changed their start time for high school to one hour later, so there’s no need for us to early release. After school, students should either report to room 710 AND/OR report to the bus lane loading area for loading at 2:45, or as soon as we’re able after the CHS buses roll out of the bus lane area.

Once we arrive at Union High School about 3:00 PM, we’ll be on the following schedule:

  • 3:00 ——- Arrive and gather in UHS Library.
  • 3:15——– Welcome and Instructions (Library)
  • 3:30 ——- Written Round (All teams in Library)
  • 4:15 ——- Oral Round #1

*Between  the Oral Rounds – Return to the Library for Snacks*

  • 5:30 ——- Oral Round #2 (TBA, this will be announced in the Library)
  • 6:30 ——- Return to the Library for Final Results

We typically end our meets between 6:30 and 7:00, once all teams are finished and results are reported/tabulated. Please keep in mind that even one slow room and/or tech problem can delay the end time.  I’m forecasting a return to CHS between 7:00 and 7:30.  If you need to pick up your student at Union High School, that’s fine.  Please let me know that you’re going, preferably ahead of time.


Here is a reminder of our standing policy regarding meets and weather:  Basically, if even one school is unable to attend the meet due to inclement weather, the meet will not be held that day.  This usually means postponing the meet, as opposed to cancelling it.  Our first attempt will be to reschedule the meet for the following Wednesday, which in this case would be Wednesday, Dec. 14th.  If for some reason that first make-up date does not work – for example, the host school is not available that date, or weather strikes again – the next move is to use an open Wed date later, as agreed upon by all schools as the best choice.  On rare occasion we have had to cancel a meet.

Keep in mind that for most districts, if school is closed on a given day due to weather, all after school activities that day are cancelled, meaning in a case like this that the k-bowl team cannot travel to nor host a meet.  This might also be true if school has a late start, but sometimes a late start won’t result in cancellations.  I’ll email Wednesday morning if I hear of a need to reschedule.

Please email with questions … thanks for your help and support of Camas Knowledge Bowl.


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