Welcome to CHS Knowledge Bowl 2021-22

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s once again that time of the year to fire up CHS Knowledge Bowl and get ready for the season, which we hope will resemble something more like the traditional in-person knowledge bowl we know and love!

In preparation for the year, we will hold a couple of brief, 5-10 minute informational meetings during lunch in room 710 on Tuesday, 10/05/21 OR Thursday, 10/07/21. You only need to come to one of these, so please choose just one of the days, either Tuesday or Thursday, to show up during your regularly scheduled lunch time (A lunch or B lunch) to reconnect with your k-bowl compadres, get some info for this year’s season. These will be super brief; you’ll be free to go and eat after about 5-10 minutes of info and Q&A.

To be clear, though, you can sign up now by following the steps outlined below! You don’t have to wait until the meeting.

Never done Knowledge Bowl? No sweat. Show up and we’ll get you squared away with the wonderful world of bowling for knowledge!

In summary:

  • Practices will eventually happen Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during lunch. There will be no practice on Wednesdays.
  • You will likely be assigned a lunch grouping you’ll practice with two times per week, probably a Monday/Thursday group OR a Tuesday/Friday group to accommodate the large numbers and the need for 6ft distancing while eating and practicing.
  • After the first week, we’ll split to different practice locations, with the A lunch knowledge bowlers working with Mr. Greene in 710. B lunch will work with Mr. Bohac in 506.
  • Knowledge Bowl is limited to 50-60 total participants. So … the first 50-60 to have all of their registrations and related paperwork completed will be the ones participating this year.  

Speaking of which, your successful registration and enrollment in Knowledge Bowl this year consists of the following time sensitive actions:

  1. Clicking on the online registration link and filling out the form. I’ll use this form for gathering some basic information I need for the season.
  2. Getting an ASB card and paying the “pay to play” fee of $40 that covers transportation and miscellaneous program expenses. Pay by cash or check at the ASB window before/after school or during lunch. You can also pay online: https://wa-camas.intouchreceipting.com/ 
  3. Filling out the paperwork and permissions form to be completed and emailed back to Mr. Greene. This is a fillable PDF form that you can make a copy of, fill out, then save and email back to me. If you have problems with this form, you can print this and fill it out by hand, scan it, or even take pictures and email them to me (least preferred option). You’re also welcome to drop this off to me at CHS in room 710 if that suits you better.
  4. Signing up and/or updating your Remind info to receive vital info about k-bowl via text, email, and/or app. If you’ve done this in the past, you should just need to verify your membership in this group and the related settingshttps://www.remind.com/join/4428864

Looking forward to a great, fun year hanging out with you all and bowling for knowledge. As always, email with questions. We’ll see you on 10/05 or 10/07 … Cheers!


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