Week 1 Practice Update

Knowledge Bowlers,

We’re off to a great start. Thank you for taking the time to attend at least a couple of practices this week. As of today, we have about 66 of you who have registered for Knowledge Bowl … WOW!  Thank you for the enthusiasm.  Attendance and paperwork will be a crucial factor in determining who’s eligible for participation this year, as we work to come up with about 60 participants at each meet, so please try to make it to practices on a regular basis and turn in all your forms/paperwork. If you haven’t gotten the paperwork for Knowledge Bowl yet, here’s a link to the form if you need it:  https://goo.gl/u3AJsl 

We have one practice left this week on Friday, so please plan on attending this mandatory practice so we can distribute paperwork and talk about next week’s practices.  FYI, next week is a short week for us.  Practice will only happen Monday-Wednesday (no practice on Thursdays, ever, and no school on Friday). You’ll be with guest coach Dale Croswell, former CHS Knowledge Bowl coach and general K-Bowl guru.

Pay to play fee is due by the first meet. Checks for $40, payable to CHS, can be brought to the ASB window before school, after school, or during lunches.  If you need help with paying this, please see me. There are scholarships available if you’re in need.



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