11/19 Remote Practice Meet Registration

If you and your team want to participate in the practice meet tomorrow, you need to register (at least 2 members on a team present to compete). To be clear, all participants, not just the captains or one person, must register to get access to the unique Zoom link and other meet materials that will be distributed. Let’s go!

330-345: Participants arrive and coordinate with their teams.
345-425: Written Round (40 questions)
430-515: Oral Round (40 questions)

Register via this link:


For a rough draft of the meet plan and outline, visit this link:


Want to see what practices are like in this remote setting? Here’s the video from a practice on 11/03/20. Actual practice starts about 6:10 mark in the video:


Starting at the 1:14 mark in this video, it explains how we’re using Discord in tandem with Zoom and the program student knowledge bowler Aiden Bai made:


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