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CHS Knowledge Bowl

Camas High School has a long and storied tradition of Knowledge Bowl, dating back to the 1980s.  The program was started by long time coach and CHS teacher, Dale Croswell, who has served as state, regional, and league coordinator during his tenure as head coach of the CHS Knowledge Bowl program, and who now serves as the regional coordinator for ESD 112.  CHS teacher Sam Greene took over for Coach “Cros” in 2014 after his retirement. Greene has been involved with Camas Knowledge Bowl, mostly at the middle school level, since 2001.

Knowledge Bowl at Camas High School runs from early October through mid March.  Students meet for practice in room 710 (A lunch) and 507 (B lunch)  at CHS during their lunches on all days except for Tuesday and early release Wednesdays.  For more information, contact Sam Greene:

General Information

High schools field teams of students who compete with each other by answering questions. The questions cover topics which include subjects they will probably study during their high school careers (such as math, science, history, language skills, literature, music, and geography) as well as other topics of a general nature or current events.

Practice meets consist of a written round of 60 questions, and three oral rounds of 60 questions each. We power match teams so that the most powerful teams compete with each other during the meet.

After four months of practice meets one or more regional meets are held where the competition groupings are based upon school size according to the State WIAA division. The regional meets are played under the same format as practice meets. The highest scores ranked in order by school size determine placement from this area to the State Tournament.

A team typically consists of six members, and all six team members are allowed to work together on the written round. The questions are multiple choice, and the team members must agree which answers they believe are correct, and mark them on the answer sheet. Their score for this round is equal to the number of questions the team answers correctly, and no points are deducted for wrong answers (so guessing is OK).

Three teams compete directly with each other during an oral round. The questions are read aloud by the reader/judge, and time is kept by the timer. The reader/judge and timer are usually adult volunteers, and often sometimes coaches. A team is allowed to have 4 members “in” at one time, and may make substitutions with the other two members at certain times during the oral round, or between oral rounds.

As the question is being read, anyone may “buzz in” to indicate that he/she would like for the team to attempt an answer. The reader stops, and the team is recognized. They have 15 seconds to discuss the question or answer and for the captain to begin their response. If correct, one point is awarded. (Again, no points are lost for incorrect answers, so we do make guesses.) After an incorrect answer, the other teams have a chance to respond. This continues until all 60 questions have been read.

WA State Knowledge Bowl Coordinator:   Chris Cloke

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