Knowledge Bowl is kind of like a team Jeopardy competition. A school’s Knowledge Bowl team is made up of smaller teams, each consisting of generally 4 – 6 team members. Our school’s teams compete against other teams from neighboring schools to see who can answer the most questions in math, science, history, English, social studies, etc.

During each competition, teams compete in a written round (45 multiple-choice questions in middle school, 60 for high school) and two oral rounds (45 questions each round, except for 60 each in high school). The winning team is based on the total number of questions answered correctly in all three rounds.

The high school regular season runs from October through February.  The middle school season runs from January through February.

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CHS Meet #2 Info

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

Our second meet of the year is this Wednesday 01/13/21! So here’s a quick update on the plan for this virtual Zoom meet. BTW, you’ve all been well advised of this meet, but if something unavoidable has come up and you now know that you won’t be able to attend this meet for whatever reason, please email me and your team as soon as you get this.

Please take a moment to review the schedule and the meet overview document. At 3:00pm on the day of the meet I’ll be pushing out a Zoom link via the email you registered for knowledge bowl with in the beginning of the season. We’ll discuss all of this in our Tuesday practice this week.

Rough Schedule:

  • 330-345: Participants arrive via Zoom link at 330 for meet intro
  • 345-430: Written Round (40 questions)
  • 435-520: Oral Round (40 questions)

Meet Overview:


Upcoming Meet Dates:

  • RR#3 – Wed Jan 27th (this is day 2 of finals; we’re on a 2nd/5th period final schedule that day)
  • RR#4 – Wed Feb 10th
  • Regional Meet? – Wed Feb 24th

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CHS Meet #1 Info

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

This Wednesday 12/09/20 marks our first regular meet of the season! So here’s a quick update on the plan for this virtual Zoom meet. BTW, you’ve all been well advised of this meet, but if something unavoidable has come up and you now know that you won’t be able to attend this meet for whatever reason, please email me and your team as soon as you get this.

Please take a moment to review the schedule and the meet overview document. I’ll be pushing out a Zoom link and other materials via the email you registered with knowledge bowl in the beginning of the season, so no need to register for this event like the November practice meet many of you participated in. We’ll discuss all of this in our Tuesday practice this week.

Rough Schedule:

  • 330-345: Participants arrive via Zoom link at 330 for meet intro
  • 345-430: Written Round (40 questions)
  • 435-520: Oral Round (40 questions)

Meet Overview:


Upcoming Meet Dates:

  • RR#2 – Wed Jan 13th
  • RR#3 – Wed Jan 27th
  • RR#4 – Wed Feb 10th
  • Regional Meet? – Wed Feb 24th

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11/19 Remote Practice Meet Registration

If you and your team want to participate in the practice meet tomorrow, you need to register (at least 2 members on a team present to compete). To be clear, all participants, not just the captains or one person, must register to get access to the unique Zoom link and other meet materials that will be distributed. Let’s go!

330-345: Participants arrive and coordinate with their teams.
345-425: Written Round (40 questions)
430-515: Oral Round (40 questions)

Register via this link:


For a rough draft of the meet plan and outline, visit this link:


Want to see what practices are like in this remote setting? Here’s the video from a practice on 11/03/20. Actual practice starts about 6:10 mark in the video:


Starting at the 1:14 mark in this video, it explains how we’re using Discord in tandem with Zoom and the program student knowledge bowler Aiden Bai made:


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Team Selection 20-21

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s time for us to form teams and get ready for competition. Here’s some info for that process.

We always want to do well in Knowledge Bowl, but we also want to have fun. Part of having fun and doing well is being with people that share your interests and desires. To that end, I’m asking for your input on the people that you’d like to work with this year.

Whenever possible, I’ll try to honor your wishes and desires as I work to put together the magnificent puzzle that will be our approximately 5 Varsity and 5 JV teams. Inevitably, though, there will be some issues to work through with this, so please help me help you and let me know if you have concerns or comments. Thanks in advance for your patience with this process.

Couple of reminders about the team selection process:

  • If you have a prepackaged team where 4-6 of you have agreed to form a team, please just have one person (maybe the captain or designated form filler outer?) submit the form so that there’s less stuff to sift through on my end.
  • Teams can and will cut across lunches and grade levels.
  • We are limited to 6 on a team and will need to have about 4-6 on each team due to our awesome turn out. If you have less than 6, it’s possible that remaining spots will be filled.
  • If you’re not sure who to choose or you don’t really care, maybe just select one or two or three others that you’d be comfortable working with potentially. I’ll do my best to make that come to fruition for you, but the more legwork you do on your end, the better the results usually are for you.
  • You must login to the team form with your CSD#117 Google logon to begin the process of selecting your teams.

Use this link to give your input for the teams this year: https://forms.gle/WLUPZf3SBQrYdMkF7 

Please complete this by 11/13/20 (Friday) to have your input considered. The first draft of teams will be revealed in the next week or so after the deadline.

Questions? Email me or stick around after our Zoom practice to chat.

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Knowledge Bowl 2020-21 Season Info

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s once again that time of the year to fire up CHS Knowledge Bowl and get ready for the season, however that may look. In preparation for the year, we will hold our first informational meetings and practices starting on Tuesday, 10/06/20, in a lunch time Zoom meeting. Never done Knowledge Bowl? No sweat. Show up and we’ll get you squared away with the wonderful world of bowling for knowledge!

Just like in year’s past, practices will eventually be held four days a week, but initially we will start off with just two days of practice per week (Tuesday and Thursdays during lunch) as we begin the process of building a model for what knowledge bowl looks like in a remote setting. Please show up during your regularly scheduled lunch time (12:05-12:35) starting the week of 10/06 (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to reconnect with your k-bowl compadres, get some info for this year’s season, and hopefully do a little practice.

In summary:

  • Practices will eventually happen Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during lunch, from 12:05-12:35.
  • Remember, no practice on Wednesdays this year, but the rest of the days you’re welcome to come and hang for your lunch period in our digital Zoom space.
  • To begin with, though, for the first couple of weeks we will be holding practices just on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • At some point we will be splitting practices this year with one group working with Mr. Bohac and another group with Mr. Greene.

The next big reminder is that we have to limit the number of Knowledge Bowl participants, if necessary, to 60 total.  When we’ve had 60+ participants in the past, which is great in terms of turnout, it’s made it tough for us to compete since the League limits the number of teams we can have and the size of teams is limited to six participants. It has also lead to uneven participation for the JV squads whereby some teams have had to sit out from meets, which is no fun for those teams.  On top of that, we can’t get more than about 60 on a bus for our away meets, thus it’s really kind of a necessity.  So … the first 60 to have all of their registrations and related paperwork completed will be the ones participating this year.  

Speaking of which, your successful registration and enrollment in Knowledge Bowl this year consists of the following time sensitive actions:

  1. Clicking on the online registration link and filling out the form. I’ll use this form for gathering some basic information I need for the season, as well as for sending out a Zoom link for our practices next week. No online registration, no Zoom link for you!
  2. Filling out the paperwork and permissions form to be completed and emailed back to Mr. Greene. This is a fillable PDF form that you can make a copy of, fill out, then save and email back to me. If you have problems with this form, you can print this and fill it out by hand, scan it, or even take pictures and email them to me (least preferred option). You’re also welcome to drop this off at CHS if that suits you better.
  3. Signing up and/or updating your Remind info to receive vital info about k-bowl via text, email, and/or app. If you’ve done this in the past, you should just need to verify your membership in this group and the related settingshttps://www.remind.com/join/4428864

Looking forward to a great, fun year hanging out with you all and bowling for knowledge. As always, email with questions. We’ll see you on 10/06/20 … Cheers!


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SW WA Regional Tournament Results

Camas High School traveled on Monday, February 24th to Lower Columbia College in Longview to compete in the SW Washington Regional Knowledge Bowl Tournament. It was an auspicious day for Camas Knowledge Bowl. Here are the results:

The first place Camas Varsity #3 team that won it all and is headed to State in a few weeks is made up of the following CHS juniors: Owen Baenen, Daniel deLeon, Lucas Mansfield, Julian McComie, Mark Robinson, and Sonnet Salice.  Interestingly, virtually this same team won the JV tournament at this event the previous year. Camas Varsity #1 took 2nd place overall, but since we’re only allowed to send one team per school to the State Tournament, their season and storied knowledge bowl careers in Camas come sadly to an end here. They are seniors Michael Bargenda, Edward Bogachuk, Jordan Chase, Jaden Kim, Junha Lee, and Steven Sturges.

On the JV side of the tournament, our two Camas JV teams that competed also took 1st and 2nd place out of 9 total JV teams that were sent. JV #1 is made up of Jackson Chase, Khoi Dam, Minjae Dang, Ashton Doane, Jeremy Mohn, and Sunny Wang. JV #5 is Fin Leask, Nicholas Leetham, Jacob Leetham, Ishan Mehta, Adrian Soh, and Aiden Stewart. 

Great season, Camas Knowledge Bowl. I’m very proud of all of you and the hard work you put into attending practice, learning how to work more effectively with a team, and on the sportsmanship you displayed and honed this season. No matter the outcome for you and your team the other day, I hope you can take some solace in being a part of the well-oiled machine that is Camas Knowledge Bowl!

On to state next month. Thanks for your support this year!

P.S. The awards dessert banquet is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24th, in the North Commons, 5:30-6:30. Details forthcoming.

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Regional Tournament Pre-Meet Info

On Monday, February 24th, Camas High School Knowledge Bowl will travel with its qualifying teams (all varsity teams and two of our JV teams) to the Southwest Washington Varsity/JV Regional Tournament in Longview. Students will miss the entire day and are released from 8:45 on. They should quickly gather their stuff and report immediately to the flagpole bus loading area. We will then travel to Longview and compete in the tournament held at Lower Columbia College. This is an all day event for us.

After competition, we will have dinner en route to home at Vernie’s Pizza (see the note about ordering below), then return to CHS between 7:00 to 7:30 PM. Students should plan on either bringing their own lunch, dinner food, and snacks AND/OR money for those meals. For a more detailed listing of the day’s events, please see below.

For our JV teams, this tournament will conclude the regular and postseason, as well as practices for the year. If Varsity qualifies a team for State, we will focus on having Varsity only practices for the next few weeks leading up to the 03/21/20 State Tournament.

As usual, if you can’t make it to this tournament for any reason, please let me AND your team know immediately. Last year this tournament was on the the first day of spring practice, and I think that’s also true this year. If that’s the case, please communicate with your coaches to let them know of your interest and that you’ll be with them the very next day. It’s important that you uphold your commitment to Knowledge Bowl. I’m sure your coaches will understand, since they’ll also be looking for and expecting that same level of commitment from you in their sport/activity.

Finally, IF there is an inclement weather late start on Monday, which we’re not expecting, you would simply report for bus loading at the flagpole loading area at 10:45 (classes would have normally started at 10:45). That will make our arrival time at the meet very tight, but we should still be able to make it. Please note, however, that this scenario would severely limit your ability to go out to lunch prior to the opening ceremony, so bringing your own food in this event would be almost a necessity. If school is canceled, all activities are also canceled, so we would then be unable to attend the meet.

Nice season, CHS Knowledge Bowl. Let’s finish strong!


  • 8:45 – Released from first period through sixth period; report immediately to flag pole for bus loading.
  • 9:00 – Depart for Longview
  • 10:15 – Arrive, deliver equipment and meet materials, pick up packets, eat sack lunch and/or visit grocery store across the street – Lower Columbia College Gym.
  • 11:30 – Opening and Welcome Assembly (All Varsity and JV teams) – LCC Gym.
  • 12:00 – Written Round Begins – LCC Gym (Varsity & JV).
  • 1:00 – Oral Round #1 – Assigned Rooms.
  • 2:00 – Oral Round #2 – Assigned Rooms.
  • 3:00 – “Championship” Oral Round – Assigned Rooms.
  • 4:15 – Final Results, Awards (All Teams) – LCC Student Center.
  • 5:00 – Dinner at Vernie’s Pizza … team or group of choice need to place order by 8:00 AM on the morning of the meet.  Sometimes we are offered a school rate that’s usually something like this = 1 Large 2-Topping Pizza – $9.00 + Tax; 1 Large Specialty Pizza – $18 + Tax; 10 slices/pie; similar discounts are usually applied to smaller/larger pizzas: Vernie’s Pizza Order Form
  • 6:00 – Depart for CHS
  • 7:00 – 7:30 – Arrive at CHS

Competition Locations – Both the Varsity and the JV competitions will take place on the campus of LCC.

Substitutions – Substitutions in both the varsity and JV meets will be allowed only once during an oral round, after question #25, since each oral round will consist of 50 questions.

“Championship” Round – The 3rd Oral Round will be conducted as a Championship Round. Scores obtained previously during the day will be used to determine how teams are grouped for this round. Only the scores obtained during the 3rd Oral Round will determine final team places. All ties will be broken as needed.

Breaking Ties – Ties between rounds will be broken by comparing previous scores. For example, if a tie exists after Oral #1, the written round score will be used, while if a tie exists after Oral #2, the scores after Oral #1 will be used, and so on. If these are also tied, a coin toss will be used. The only exceptions are when state qualifying places are involved at the end of Oral Round #2 or the Championship Round (Oral Round #3). In such a case, a 10-question playoff will be held for the two teams involved (or 15 questions for three teams). If still tied, questions will be read in sets of 5 until the tie is broken.

Qualifying for State – The top two finishing 4A schools, the top four 3A schools, the top three 2A schools, the top three 1A schools, and the top two B schools will each qualify a team for the State Tournament. (Keep in mind the state rule that each school may send only one team to state.)

State Meet T-Shirts – Please note that on the state website you will find information about ordering this year’s commemorative State Meet T-Shirt. This is our fundraiser for the year, so please consider buying a shirt, whether you’re going to State or not.

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2020 State Tournament Fundraiser

The 2020 Knowledge Bowl State Tournament is just over a month away. As per past tradition, Camas has taken on the opportunity of designing and selling a commemorative shirt for this event as a fundraiser for our program to help cover and offset transportation and other fees associated with this awesome activity. Our friends at BrainlessTees have once again partnered with us to make this happen. Check out the test run of this year’s design. And, better yet, buy one here if you’d like to support the program: https://www.brainlesstees.com/knowledgebowl

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RR#4 Results for 2/5/20 @ WHS

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

Camas Knowledge Bowl rolled to victory in style last Wednesday night (2/5/20) and concluded the 2019-20 regular season with an exclamation point.

Here’s a recap of the night’s competition:

  • Varsity – 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 8th out of 15
    • Camas Varsity #1 had another impressive night that earned them first place overall at the meet as they pulled off a 4th straight victory scoring at least 100 or more points … WOW! As you might suspect, this final performance for them cements their place as the high scoring team in the Gorge League, as well as tying them for first overall in the SW WA Region. Nice!
    • Congrats, Camas Varsity #1! This team is made up of Michael B, Edward B., Jordan C., Jaden K., Junha L., and Steven S.
    • Camas #2 also had a very strong night, reaching the coveted 100 point total that only a few teams ever get close to cracking. Bravo, Camas #2: Alex G., Tyler G., Andrew K., Akash P., Ben S., and George W.
    • And here are the final Regional standings: Varsity SW Washington FINAL Regional Standings
  • JV – 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 8th out of 15
    • For JV, the first place winners were, once again, JV#1: Jackson C., Khoi D., Minjae D., Ashton D., Jeremy M., and Sunny W.  With this victory they sealed the deal on their goal to be first in League and first overall in Region.  Bravo!
    • Here are the final Regional standings for JV: JV SW Washington FINAL Regional Standings.
    • Remember: The top nine JV teams in the Region are invited to the JV Regional Tourney at the end of the season, but only two teams per school are allowed to attend.
    • This year we will be represented by JV#1 and JV#5. JV#5 took 2nd overall in League and 3rd overall in Region. JV#5 is Finn L., Jacob L., Nicholas L., Ishan M., Adrian S., and Aiden S. Congratulations!

Knowledge Bowlers, this concludes the regular season, but we still have the Regional Tournament to look forward to and hopefully State beyond that. Practices for all Regional teams and anyone who is interested will continue through February 21st. The Southwest Washington Regional Tournament is slated for Monday, 2/24/20. This will be an all day event for all Varsity teams and the 2 JV teams that we qualified, so please plan accordingly. I’ll publish more info on this in the upcoming weeks.


Coach Greene and Coach Bohac.

School Written Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Camas #1 50 32 134 29 111 1
Camas #2 48 26 135 26 100 2
Camas #3 45 22 137 23 90 3
Washougal 49 19 136 20 88 4
Union #1 46 13 138 25 84 5
Camas #5 43 11 134 8 62 6
Columbia Adv. 37 9 137 15 61 7
Camas #4 36 11 136 14 61 8
White Salmon #1 40 13 135 7 60 9
White Salmon #2 38 5 138 8 51 10
Stevenson #1 32 10 134 6 48 11
Union #2 36 5 135 5 46 12
White Salmon #3 33 4 136 6 43 13
Stevenson #2 32 5 137 2 39 14
PCIA 22 5 138 2 29 15


School Written Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Camas #1 37 23 139 28 88 1
Camas #5 43 19 174 21 83 2
Union #1 41 13 151 28 82 3
Camas #4 45 16 133 19 80 4
Camas #3 37 8 174 13 58 5
White Salmon #3 30 9 133 8 47 6
Union #2 27 10 151 7 44 7
Camas #2 28 8 174 6 42 8
White Salmon #1 32 6 139 3 41 9
Columbia Adv. #1 24 4 127 11 39 10
PCIA 28 4 133 4 36 11
Washougal 21 6 127 8 35 12
Columbia Adv. #2 26 5 139 2 33 13
Stevenson 25 5 151 2 32 14
White Salmon #2 23 4 127 4 31 15

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Skyridge Teams and Meet/Practice Rotation

Greetings, Skyridge Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re a mere few days away from the start of the regular season for middle school Knowledge Bowl.  This message is an important review of our teams and the meet and practice rotation process that I’ll share with kids in practice today.

As mentioned in our introductory welcome letter, we can only offer five regular season meets AND the district tournament for each student this year in a rotating schedule of meets and practices due to our excellent participation in this program. We are somewhat unusual in this respect.  Whereas each school at each meet brings three teams of 6-8 players and very often has trouble filling those slots, we have a whopping 5 teams with roughly 6 on each squad, totaling about 31 knowledge bowlers in our program this year. You can see our “dilemma”.

To help make sense of this rotation schedule, I’ve pasted in below a link to a document that includes the students’ teams, as well as the meets they’ll be competing in this year.  As you review this document, keep the following in mind:

  • I always try to balance teams with a random combination of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to ensure the best possible chance for success for all teams and good learning and mentoring opportunities for the kids.
  • We use Greek alphabet letters (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.) for our team names for the purpose of organizing ourselves internally, but in competition we are always named as either Skyridge 1, 2, or 3.
  • Alpha isn’t greater than beta; beta isn’t greater than gamma, etc. Placement on any team is random.
  • If you’re trying to find which room your student is in at competition, you’ll need to know both their team name and Skyridge team number.
  • I can help translate any or all of this if you’re unsure, but the link below should help you and the students figure out when they’re competing, where they’re competing, and what their team designation (Skyridge 1, 2, or 3) will be for that meet.
  • Here’s the link: https://goo.gl/Wnxe7r

Next week on 1/21, we will host Pacific and Jemtegaard at Skyridge for our first meet of the season.  Three of our five teams will compete that day. If you’ve never experienced knowledge bowl before, note that each meet consists of a written round and two oral rounds.  We try to start the written portion of the meet by about 3:50-4:00. The two oral rounds will usually be concluded shortly after/around 6:00-6:15 PM.  So students should be ready for pick up by about 6:15-6:30 on meet days (later on away meets), provided all schools show up on time and the meet goes smoothly.  If you’ve never witnessed knowledge bowl before, I’d encourage you to check it out.  Be assured that parents are always welcome at the meets.  The written round isn’t very good for spectators, but the oral rounds that usually start about 4:15ish are pretty fun to watch.

I’ll go over all of this with students in practice today. If you have any questions about the info in this message, please feel free to email me.  As always, thank you for your support.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the recently updated Google practice/meet calendar, too. This year students will attend practices with their teams on a rotating basis, starting next week, with three of our five teams at each practice. Here’s the calendar link: https://goo.gl/BuXLcV

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