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Knowledge Bowl is kind of like a team Jeopardy competition. A school’s Knowledge Bowl team is made up of smaller teams, each consisting of generally 4 – 6 team members. Our school’s teams compete against other teams from neighboring schools to see who can answer the most questions in math, science, history, English, social studies, etc.

During each competition, teams compete in a written round (45 multiple-choice questions in middle school, 60 for high school) and two oral rounds (45 questions each round, except for 60 each in high school). The winning team is based on the total number of questions answered correctly in all three rounds.

The high school regular season runs from October through February.  The middle school season runs from February through March.

Dec 09

RR#2 @Union Meet Results

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

Camas Knowledge Bowl was victorious Wednesday night, besting the Titans of Union (once again … roll on, ‘Makers!) and others from the League in our 2nd Round Robin tournament of the year. Adding to the excitement was the threat of incoming weather and a possible snow day for Thursday, which, as you all know, actually turned into two snow days!

I’d like to give a special shout out to Camas Varsity #1, who ruled the pack once again on this chilly December night. Camas Varsity #1, anchored by seniors Jason Kim, Chemay Shola, Calvin Taylor, and juniors Noah Thompson and Jesse Lester (who wasn’t able to make it to this meet), rocked the competition with a solid 115 point performance, besting the next closest team by 20 points!  This makes for two 100+ point performances in a row. It’s clear to see how this rare feat has earned them the top spot in our region and league so far. Well done! See the full varsity results below. 

Kudos also to JV#4, comprised of sophomores Sam Walters and Addison Gonzales, and freshmen Jordan Chase, Junha Lee, and Jaden Kim. JV#4 led all Camas JV teams, eclipsing the next closest one (JV#2 who took 2nd place overall) by 13 points. They are currently 1st place in our region out of 45 total teams!  This group has a bright future based on their commanding performances in the first two JV competitions of the year. Well done, JV#4. See the full JV results below. 

Our next meet is set for January 11th, 2017, at Stevenson High School in Stevenson, WA.  More details when we return from our winter break.

P.S. For a quick look at the regional/league standings, check out these links:


School Written Room Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Camas #1 51 31 401 33 115 1
Camas #2 47 17 404 31 95 2
Union #1 48 21 402 22 91 3
White Salmon #1 41 24 403 22 87 4
Camas #4 38 21 405 15 74 5
Camas #5 35 15 402 15 65 6
Camas #3 39 17 401 7 63 7
White Salmon #3 32 17 403 12 61 8
Washougal #2 32 10 405 10 52 9
Stevenson #1 31 15 404 4 50 10
White Salmon #2 30 11 401 2 43 11
Washougal #1 25 11 402 7 43 12
Union #2 31 4 403 7 42 13
Columbia Adv. 26 2 404 5 33 14
Stevenson #2 23 3 405 2 28 15


School Written Room Oral #1 Room Oral #2 TOTAL Place
Camas #4 35 33 301 15 83 1
Camas #2 35 22 302 13 70 2
Camas #3 33 21 303 15 69 3
Camas #1 34 18 305 16 68 4
Union 35 16 301 15 66 5
Camas #5 33 21 304 12 66 6
Washougal #2 36 10 302 14 60 7
Camas #6 26 7 303 12 45 8
White Salmon #3 29 3 304 8 40 9
Washougal #1 21 10 301 8 39 10
White Salmon #2 23 9 305 4 36 11
White Salmon #1 23 6 302 6 35 12
Stevenson #2 16 4 304 9 29 13
Stevenson #1 18 3 303 2 23 14
Columbia Adv. 15 4 305 1 20 15

Dec 04

RR#2 Meet Information

Dear Knowledge Bowlers,

This is a quick update on the plan for this Wednesday’s Knowledge Bowl meet, including information about possible weather related scenarios in our League. By the way, if you know that you won’t be able to attend this meet, for whatever reason, please email me and let me know, as well as your team, please.

Evergreen Public Schools changed their start time for high school to one hour later, so there’s no need for us to early release. After school, students should either report to room 710 AND/OR report to the bus lane loading area for loading at 2:45, or as soon as we’re able after the CHS buses roll out of the bus lane area.

Once we arrive at Union High School about 3:00 PM, we’ll be on the following schedule:

  • 3:00 ——- Arrive and gather in UHS Library.
  • 3:15——– Welcome and Instructions (Library)
  • 3:30 ——- Written Round (All teams in Library)
  • 4:15 ——- Oral Round #1

*Between  the Oral Rounds – Return to the Library for Snacks*

  • 5:30 ——- Oral Round #2 (TBA, this will be announced in the Library)
  • 6:30 ——- Return to the Library for Final Results

We typically end our meets between 6:30 and 7:00, once all teams are finished and results are reported/tabulated. Please keep in mind that even one slow room and/or tech problem can delay the end time.  I’m forecasting a return to CHS between 7:00 and 7:30.  If you need to pick up your student at Union High School, that’s fine.  Please let me know that you’re going, preferably ahead of time.


Here is a reminder of our standing policy regarding meets and weather:  Basically, if even one school is unable to attend the meet due to inclement weather, the meet will not be held that day.  This usually means postponing the meet, as opposed to cancelling it.  Our first attempt will be to reschedule the meet for the following Wednesday, which in this case would be Wednesday, Dec. 14th.  If for some reason that first make-up date does not work – for example, the host school is not available that date, or weather strikes again – the next move is to use an open Wed date later, as agreed upon by all schools as the best choice.  On rare occasion we have had to cancel a meet.

Keep in mind that for most districts, if school is closed on a given day due to weather, all after school activities that day are cancelled, meaning in a case like this that the k-bowl team cannot travel to nor host a meet.  This might also be true if school has a late start, but sometimes a late start won’t result in cancellations.  I’ll email Wednesday morning if I hear of a need to reschedule.

Please email with questions … thanks for your help and support of Camas Knowledge Bowl.


Oct 30

Round Robin Meet #1 on Wednesday, 11/02/16

Dear Knowledge Bowlers,

After a month of practice we’re finally headed off to our first competition this Wednesday at Washougal High School. You will be early released from 6th period at 1:30 on that day. As soon as possible after release, report to the flag pole bus loading area for attendance and bus loading. Guest coach Mr. Morgan will be accompanying you on this trip, so look for him. By the way, I’ll need some helpers to go to room 710 after release and help get the equipment box and other materials we’ll need for the meet. If you’re assigned/volunteer for this, please be sure to follow through with your assignment.

Once we arrive at Washougal High School at about 2:00 PM, we’ll be on the following schedule:

  • 2:00 ——- Arrive, and gather in Washougal High School Commons.
  • 2:15——– Welcome and Instructions (Commons)
  • 2:30 ——- Written Round (All teams in Commons)
  • 3:15 ——- Oral Round #1
    • *Between the Oral Rounds – Return to the Commons for Snacks*
  • 4:30 ——- Oral Round #2 (TBA, this will be announced in the Commons)
  • 5:30 ——- Return to the Commons for Final Results

We typically end our meets between 5:30 and 6:00, once all teams are finished and results are reported/tabulated. Please keep in mind that even one slow room and/or tech problem can delay the end time.  I’m forecasting a return to CHS between 6:00 and 6:30.  If you are being picked up by parents at WHS, be sure to check out with guest coach Mr. Morgan so he has the proper head count for the return trip.

Due to our incredible participation in Knowledge Bowl this year, we will have to rotate out of competition 1 JV team at each of our round robin tournaments since we’re limited to taking only 6 of our 7 junior varsity teams to each meet. The only way I can make this fair is to make the selection of those JV teams that will rotate out be random. So, the plan in practice tomorrow is to put all the JV team names in a hat.  We’ll draw out one team name at a time, and the first team name drawn will be the team that’s rotated out for the first meet.  The next team name drawn will be the one rotated out for the December meet, and so on and so forth.  I wish there were a way for all of us to compete every time, but this year there isn’t. My apologies for this hardship, but thank you in advance for your understanding, too.

If you have questions, please contact me.  Otherwise, let’s have some fun and continue our tradition of excellence in this activity.


Oct 18

Team Selection and Pizza Practice

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s time for us to form teams and get ready for competition. Here’s some info for that process.

We want to do well in Knowledge Bowl, but we also want to have fun. Part of having fun and doing well is being with people that share your interests and desires. To that end, I’m asking for your input about the people that you’d like to work with this year.

Whenever possible, I’ll try to honor your wishes and desires as I work to put together the magnificent puzzle that will be our 5 Varsity and 6 JV teams. Inevitably, though, there will be some issues to work through with this. Thanks in advance for your patience with this process. Use this link to give your input for the teams this year:

By the way, you must logon to this form with your CSD#117 Google logon to do this. If you’re name isn’t on this list, then you haven’t registered.

Please complete this by 10/21/16 (Friday) to have your input considered.

The first draft of teams will be revealed at our annual Pizza Party Practice on 10/26/16, from 6-8 PM in room 710. Additionally, we will also, of course, eat some pizza and do a couple of quick practice written rounds. Please plan on being there so we can take care of our teams and get the practice needed for our first meet.

Questions? Email me or come see me in 710 during practice.

Oct 06

Week 1 Practice Update

Knowledge Bowlers,

We’re off to a great start. Thank you for taking the time to attend at least a couple of practices this week. As of today, we have about 66 of you who have registered for Knowledge Bowl … WOW!  Thank you for the enthusiasm.  Attendance and paperwork will be a crucial factor in determining who’s eligible for participation this year, as we work to come up with about 60 participants at each meet, so please try to make it to practices on a regular basis and turn in all your forms/paperwork. If you haven’t gotten the paperwork for Knowledge Bowl yet, here’s a link to the form if you need it: 

We have one practice left this week on Friday, so please plan on attending this mandatory practice so we can distribute paperwork and talk about next week’s practices.  FYI, next week is a short week for us.  Practice will only happen Monday-Wednesday (no practice on Thursdays, ever, and no school on Friday). You’ll be with guest coach Dale Croswell, former CHS Knowledge Bowl coach and general K-Bowl guru.

Pay to play fee is due by the first meet. Checks for $40, payable to CHS, can be brought to the ASB window before school, after school, or during lunches.  If you need help with paying this, please see me. There are scholarships available if you’re in need.



Sep 22

Welcome to the 2016-17 GSHL Knowledge Bowl Season!

Greetings, Knowledge Bowlers!

It’s that time of the year to fire up Knowledge Bowl practice and get ready for our first meet, which, believe it or not, is only about 6 weeks away (11/02).

We will hold our first practice starting the week of Monday, 10/03/16.  Please show up in 710 during your regularly scheduled lunch time to reconnect with your k-bowl compadres, get some info/paperwork for this year’s season, and to do a little practice. As per usual, no practice on Thursdays, but the rest of the days you’re welcome to come and hang for your lunch period in 710.

One of the things you’ll do on day 1 of your practice next week is to register for the program. Use this form to give me some vital info I’ll need for k-bowl this year:

Don’t forget to sign up for and/or modify your Remind info to receive vital info about k-bowl via text, email, or even both, if you haven’t already done so:  If you received messages last year and your happy with your settings, no need to do anything at all.

Conversely, if you’d like to cancel your Remind subscription to Knowledge Bowl for any reason, here are the instructions:

Looking forward to a great, fun year hanging out with you all and bowling for knowledge. As always, email with questions and/or stop by and see me in 710. We’ll see you on 10/03 … Cheers!


Apr 25

2015-2016 CHS Knowledge Bowl

Nice work this season, Knowledge Bowlers. Here we are (a good portion of us, at least) in all of our glory for the year book!
Knowledge Bowl 2015-16

Mar 21

Camas Places at State; Awards Night 03/23

Camas Knowledge Bowl qualified two teams for this year’s State Tournament that we attended this past weekend in Arlington, WA. While Camas #2 (represented by Daniel Fan, Jesse Lester, Monica Chang, and Abigail Jiang) just narrowly missed qualifying for afternoon competition, Camas #4 managed to take 3rd place out of all 4A schools! That’s quite an accomplishment for the kids. To give you an idea of how close the competition was, we missed out on being state champions by only 3 points!  Camas #4 was anchored at State this year by Rachel Duquette, Jason Kim, Chemay Shola, Calvin Taylor, and Noah Thompson (Colton Ratcliff was unable to attend).  Congratulations, Camas Varsity #4 (Camas #1 at the tourney). Both teams are already plotting and planning for next year’s run!

Finally, don’t forget about the Knowledge Bowl dessert/awards banquet in the CHS North Commons this week on Wednesday night. We’ll start having snacks, desserts, and refreshment about 5:30. Awards will start at 6:00. I plan to be pretty brief and hopefully have us out of there between 6:30-6:45 at the latest. FYI, we’ll be handing out about 20 academic letters Wednesday night, as well as 30 or so service bars!

If you haven’t signed up yet to bring a sleeve of cookies or some other favorite treat, it’s not too late. A little bit goes a long way if you can help contribute. Sign up here: “Dessert” Sign Up.

Looking forward to celebrating the season with you tomorrow. See below for the full agenda.



Overview of Evening – Get dessert first at about 5:30, then Awards starting at about 6:00.

  1. Official Welcome (about 6:00)
  2. About Knowledge Bowl at CHS:
    1. How many members and teams? 55 members made up 4 Varsity and 7 JV teams.
    2. Our league – Columbia Gorge – 6 Schools including Camas, Stevenson, Columbia Adventist Academy, White Salmon, HeLa, Union. 12 Varsity and 15 JV teams.
    3. What are the meets like? Written Round, Oral Rounds, Round Robin Format.
    4. Our Region – SW WA, ESD 112. 26 Schools with 42 Varsity and 42 JV teams total.
    5. Knowledge Bowl Statewide – All 9 ESD Regions participate, with 200+ schools involved this year.
  3. Season Summary – How did our teams do this year? (Results, certificates, plaques)
    1. Varsity League – We finished 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 8th out of 12 teams in our league.
    2. JV League – We finished 1st, 3rd , 4th, 7th and 8th out of the 15 JV teams in our league, out of 42 in region.
    3. 5 out of 7 JV teams qualified for the JV Regional Tournament: They placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th.
    4. 5 Varsity teams competed at the 4A Regional Tournament, placing 3rd, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th out of 12.
    5. One Varsity team qualified for state and they took 6th Place in the 4A State tournament, pretty awesome!
  4. Awards – Participants will be called up by team, photo opps.
    1. JV Team Participant Awards & Letters (for Reg. Tourney Participants) – Camas #1 JV, then #2 JV, and so forth.
    2. Varsity Team Participant Awards and Letters – Camas #1, #2, #3, #4, etc.
  5. Conclusion, and looking ahead – Many thanks to the kids for a fine and fun year. Thanks especially to the graduating seniors.  We will miss you!  And thank you so much to the parents for supporting our program.

Mar 17

Skyridge Triumphs at District Tourney!

The Skyridge kids did us proud this year at the District Tourney held on 03/15/16 at Shahala Middle School. Our varsity 1 team, made up of Odessa, Jordan, Alex, and Thomas, won it all! It was a super close match in the end where we just barely edged out Wy’east and Shahala, but we had enough gas in the tank to finish and win.  In the JV “international” tournament, Justine’s team also took home top honors. An awesome night for Skyridge! I’m proud of all the hard work that each player did this year to learn how to work effectively with their teams and have some fun. Bravo!  20160315_190106


Feb 25

2016 SW Washington Regional Tournament Results

Camas High School traveled on Monday, February 22nd, to Longview Community College in Longview to compete in the SW Washington Regional Knowledge Bowl Tournament. It was an auspicious day for Camas Knowledge Bowl  Here are the results:

Varsity — At the SW WA Regional Varsity Tournament held this past Monday, Camas had 4 teams compete in the 4A tourney of 9 teams.  By virtue of two of the teams finishing 1st and 3rd (in the top 3), they have earned trips to the state tournament, which will be held on Sat. March 19th at Arlington HS.  Congratulations to Camas Varsity #4 who took home top honors in the tourney, earning first place and the highest scoring team of the day.  Varsity #4 is anchored by senior Colton Ratcliff and juniors Jason Kim, Rachel Duquette, Chemay Shola, Calvin Taylor, and sophomore Noah Thompson.  Bravo! Camas Varsity #2 took third place.  This team is composed of senior Andrew Leetham and sophomores Daniel Fan, Jonathan Angulo, and Jesse Lester. It is not often a school qualifies more than one team to the state meet, so this is indeed a special accomplishment.  These teams are both capable of making it to the afternoon rounds at state, which would earn more hardware for the trophy case, and continue a 6-yr streak whereby CHS k-bowl teams have done so (finishing 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 6th at the state meet). Good luck at state, knowledge bowlers. Varsity Scores (.pdf)

JV Tourney — With 42 JV teams competing from 27 schools all across ESD 112, the top nine finishing (highest scoring) JV teams over our four regular season meets are invited to compete in the JV Invitational Tourney, which was also held this past Monday.  This year, Camas HS k-bowl qualified 5 of the teams in the 9-team tourney, wow!  On top of that, one Camas team brought home the 2nd place trophy – that’s the second best JV team out of all 42 in ESD 112, again wow!  The other teams finished 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  A great showing. JV# 3, the team that took home the 2nd place trophy, is comprised of all freshmen: Anthony Choi, Yeh Seo Jung, Maia Kawamura, Jason Liu, Rahul Ram, and Christopher Xia, Bravo! JV Scores (.pdf)

Great season, Camas Knowledge Bowl.  I’m very proud of all of you and the hard work you put into attending practice, learning how to work more effectively with a team, and on the sportsmanship you displayed and honed this season.  No matter the outcome for you and your team yesterday, I hope you can take some solace in being a part of the well-oiled machine that is Camas Knowledge Bowl!

On to state next month. Thanks for your support this year!

P.S. The awards desert banquet is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23rd, in the North Commons. Details forthcoming.

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